[GRASS-dev] r.mapcalc and g.remove --v/q issues

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Sat Oct 7 07:32:25 EDT 2006


Propably due to the recent work on --v and --q flags (great stuff, many
thanks to the authors!), r.mapcalc doesn't print any progress indicator

Also g.remove doesn't return any info if trying to remove a
non-existant map. If used with --v it will print eg.:

$ g.remove rast=dummy --v
REMOVE [dummy]
raster MISSING
header MISSING
category MISSING
history MISSING
g3dcell MISSING

as it used before introducing --q and --v. But if --v is not
explicitely set (default), it will remain silent.

It should print "ERROR: raster map <dummy> not found" instead.

And IMO it would be best if it printed such info in either case (quiet
or verbose), as the current g.remove --v output is over-informative.
All those header/category/color etc. entries are a noise that should be
printed only at a higher level of debug, not by defalt, I think.

BTW - what's the "g3dcell" above?

If the map to be removed is present, in --q mode nothing should be
printed, and in the --v mode only "Raster map <dummy> removed" instead
of the current 9 lines of output.

Also in case of vectors, currently it's:

		exists:			doesn't exist:

--v:	REMOVE [x]		REMOVE [x]
				ERROR: Vector map <x> not found

--q:	silent			ERROR: Vector map <x> not found

Which should be:

		exists:			doesn't exist:

--v:	Vector map <x> removed	ERROR: Vector map <x> not found

--q:	silent			ERROR: Vector map <x> not found


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