[GRASS-dev] Re: tcltk 8.3 and v.digit toolbox

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 8 23:14:47 EDT 2006

[6.3cvs and 6.2 branch updated to use bwidget's LabelFrame + bg color]

Michael Barton wrote:
> Still catching up with a lot of traffic over past 24 hours.

I'm still trying to catch up with last month..

> We already use bwidgets for most of the widgets listed below.

ok, it was a new discovery for me.

> It's not that substitutes can't be found or worked out, it's just that
> I don't have much in the way of time to do it, and it's additionally
> difficult since I'm running 8.4--as are most people who can test.

Well, fwiw it only takes me a minute for me to swich in Debian, and I
don't mind living in 8.3. (I had upgraded to 8.4 to test incompatibility
with NVIZ!)

> So I'm not against it as long as it doesn't degrade the UI, I just
> don't want to be the person who has to make gism work with 8.3.

No worries, the project can deal with these things as they come up. If
any new code goes in, it would be nice if it wasn't known to be 8.4+
only though. (but hopefully all new code will be wx so it won't matter)

> On the other hand, as you note, v.digit needs to work with both old
> and new GUI. So as long as we maintain d.m, I agree that v.digit
> should be backward compatible.

After 6.2.0, why should we maintain d.m? I don't think we have the
manpower to maintain 3 GUIs (see above "trying to catch up..")
Moreover, after 6.2.0 should gis.m be maintained in a minimal "legacy
support" mode until the wx gui is ready?

> I went through the GRASS 5.4 source code and looked at all the bwidget
> demo files and tried all permutations of LabelFrame from there. It all
> comes out the same on my Mac with x11. I don't know what is up, but I
> can't get a border to show up no matter what I do. Maybe it does in
> 8.3 but not in 8.4. Maybe it's something else in the v.digit code.

I had no luck with 8.3. I tried and making a few line demo app which
only contained a frame, but didn't quite get how to get the parent/
child relationship established; my text always drew outside the box.
(so the box was empty / so no box).

> I guess just add -bg honeydew2 to the options and call it good. This
> looks nice and gives the same delineation of the mouse buttons as the
> labelframe border.

done. also switched the order of the (left, right, center) text, as
center was on the right! It might be cleaner to put those words above
each button instead of in the title, but it's fairly self-explanitory
and I'm not too worried about it.

thanks for your help,

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