[GRASS-dev] Re: Proof of concept for more complete database access in GRASS module [was: Re: [GRASS-user] RE: Problem querying layers other than '1' in gi s.m]

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 11 03:48:25 EDT 2006

Trevor Wiens wrote:
> Based on that I think we will need to have a few basic examples that
> can be included in the help pages for modules where arbitrary queries
> will be available as well as a link to an external SQL intro page or a
> brief tutorial within GRASS on SQL usage. For the second case, I have
> a reasonably human friendly into to SQL which I co-wrote some years
> ago for an application which had both a query builder and the ability
> to manually edit or create your own queries. I could probably adapt
> that (after I find it) for GRASS use once we get that far.

we have

content could be put/linked to there and/or a dedicated page in the wiki


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