[GRASS-dev] [bug #5216] (grass) gis.m: creating location with georeferenced file gives

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Wed Oct 18 04:48:25 EDT 2006

this bug's URL: http://intevation.de/rt/webrt?serial_num=5216

Subject: gis.m: creating location with georeferenced file gives 

Platform: GNU/Linux/x86
grass obtained from: CVS
grass binary for platform: Compiled from Sources
GRASS Version: cvs_head_20061012

Trying to create a new location in the startup screen on the basis of a georeferenced file, I get the following error. I can create a new, correctly defined location without problems using 'v.in.ogr location='.

child process exited abnormally
child process exited abnormally
    while executing
"exec -- g.proj -c georef=$filepath location=$fileLocation >@stdout 2>@stderr"
    invoked from within
".fileloc.def invoke"
    ("uplevel" body line 1)
    invoked from within
"uplevel #0 [list $w invoke]"
    (procedure "tk::ButtonUp" line 22)
    invoked from within
"tk::ButtonUp .fileloc.def"
    (command bound to event)


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