[GRASS-dev] [bug #5220] (grass) wingrass: v.in.ogr (tcltk version) creates wrong directory path

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Thu Oct 19 11:19:49 EDT 2006

The tcltk file browser is a prebuilt widget. The Windows version apparently
returns files in proper Windows format. If all file parsing for windows
platforms should switch from c:/ to /c/, this could be parsed in an if
clause to test for windows platform. Is this kind of reparsing needed
universally for windows or just in some places? It would take some effort to
track down and change in the appropriate places (most importantly in
gui.tcl), but it is doable.

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> Subject: [GRASS-dev] [bug #5220] (grass) wingrass: v.in.ogr (tcltk version)
> creates wrong directory path
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> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Subject: wingrass: v.in.ogr (tcltk version) creates wrong directory path
> Platform: WindowsNT/2000/XP
> grass obtained from: Other (CDROM etc)
> grass binary for platform: Downloaded precompiled Binaries
> GRASS Version: huidae's wingrass version sept. 17c
> Directory paths created by the tcktk dialogs (navigate to find file buttons)
> do not work in wingrass. They are created in the form c:/moritz, but in order
> for them to be recognized, they should be in the form /c/moritz.
> Moritz
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