[GRASS-dev] verbosity and G_done_msg

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 22 21:23:30 EDT 2006

Jachym Cepicky wrote:
> I'm not shure, if I should leave G_done_msg("") at end of some
> modules. 
> User actually does not care, that some module is done - he allready
> knows it.

not necessarily! Even if the user returns to the GRASS> prompt.


did it finish or crash? (we crash a lot, unfortunately)
The user probably doesn't know about "echo $?" tests.

> What do you think: should I remove G_done_msg("") funcitions from the
> end of each main() function of each module or should we add this
> function to end of each module? 
> I would remove it, IMHO it has no sence to report end of the program,
> when it ends.

I believe it should be present. It uses G_message() so --quiet or
GRASS_VERBOSE<2 will get rid of it.

- It is not always clear when a GUI module has finished.

The module gui from the command line (without gis.m) has no "running
man".. the output messages just stop arriving.

- For long running modules it is very nice to have some sort of
reassurance that the module has finished successfully.

I would not add it to all modules automatically, e.g. for d.rast and
g.remove it is pointless.


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