[GRASS-dev] tracker write/read access at GForge

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Mon Oct 23 16:37:03 EDT 2006


The trackers for GRASS at GForge are ready to be deployed and announced
[1]. There is one thing stopping me though. I believe that it should be
possible to have project members with no writing access for trackers.
So that only selected members could modify and *delete* tickets
sumbitted. And although GForge seems to provide such option via setting
'Read' access for a given 'Role', it doesn't work as I expect it. Even
if I create a user with a 'Junior Developer' Role, who has only Read
access for trackers, he is still able to delete and remove tickets as
if he was an admin.

I read the GForge manual [2], but found no answer. What's wrong (with me?)?



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