[GRASS-dev] v.info Projection info

Huidae Cho grass4u at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 21:40:53 EDT 2006


I found that Vect_open_old_head() does not set Map.proj:

	struct Map_info Map;

	Map.proj = -1;
	Vect_open_old_head(&Map, mapname, mapset);
	printf("%d\n", Map.proj); /* prints -1 */

For this reason, v.info always prints out "Projection: x,y (zone ...)"
(Map.proj == 0 == PROJECTION_XY) regardless of its actual projection.
It seems like to me there is no projection info in vector files.  If
individual vector files cannot have a different projection from its
location, why doesn't v.info use G_database_projection_name() like
r.info does?


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