[GRASS-dev] added granularity in GRASS_VERBOSE

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 26 18:41:44 EDT 2006

Hamish wrote:
> > with the current G_verbose() there is no verbosity level above the
> > default without getting into debug messages*. (no --very-verbose)
> > 
> > Looking to replace -v verbose flags, there's nowhere to go.
> > 
> > Can we change lib/gis/verbose.c  MAXLEVEL to 3? or 5 to match
> > G_debug() as suggested on the list?

Jachym Cepicky wrote:
> do i understand it well, that with --verbose also debuging mode would
> be started?

No, nothing to do with debug messages. I just mentioned that in
reference to rationalizing the debug and verbosity levels, as suggested
earlier on the list (can't find the message now). (min=0, max=5)
I see no real technical need for this many verbosity levels, it's just
to make the controls more consistent & easier to learn.

> so there would be no easy and fast way, how to set verbose level to
> STDLEVEL, just via env. variables?


> sorry, i do not see any reason, why user should be able to enable
> debuging messages with this flag. 

The problem is in the current setup I find that r.terraflow needs a -v
verbose flag. This is a bit silly as we now have a --verbose flag. But
currently --verbose is no different than without --v. Currently
--verbose only makes the module do something different if you have set

By setting MAXVERBOSE to 3, and setting STDVERBOSE to 2, the --verbose
flag will actually make some difference. 

hope that is clearer,

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