[GRASS-dev] d.m/d.gis mysteries..

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Sun Oct 29 13:16:28 EST 2006

Michael Barton wrote:
> Glad the lengthy explanation was helpful.
>  answer to your question below is probably not--at least I don't know how to
> do so. The same processes would apply in any GUI given the GRASS
> architecture. Furthermore, interactive zooming--where you must judge the
> zooming extent by eye--always has some built in uncertainty. If you think
> about drawing programs,

Michael, and All,

Please don't take it as an offence, but I must not agree. GRASS is not
"a drawing program". Region settings is one the most crucial things
about GRASS. Somehow d.zoom is pretty much reliable in regard to what
you see vs actuall region settings, while gis.m is not. In gis.m I
never know whether WISIWIG. So either gis.m zoom tools are at least
that good, or don't call it a stable, reliable replacement for d.zoom
(which it aspires to be, obvioulsy).

> the good ones provide an interface to type in
> coordinates for high precision--like GRASS does. The only way I can think to
> improve the situation is by some kind of snapping to grid cell borders or
> vector object nodes. However, this will be difficult as long as what is
> displayed on the screen is a graphic output from the GIS. At least I can't
> think of how to do this. Maybe a "real" programmer could do so".


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