[GRASS-dev] d.m/d.gis mysteries..

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Mon Oct 30 07:54:35 EST 2006

Dear Moritz,

Moritz Lennert wrote:
> a discussion whether there is a way to satisfy Maciej's desires

Can I kindly ask you to reconsider this, and having done that, rephrase
it in a way which does not ridicule me? Because, as I understand what
you are suggesting, you mean that I'm expecting or demanding something
just to satisfy my egoistic needs, for no practical benefit to other
GRASS users. While actually I'm pointing out an important defect in
gis.m, which concerns any GRASS user.

Why I think it is an important issue: gis.m allows for changing the
current GRASS region to match the current display and to make the
display match the current region settings. Since these 2 operations are
implemented, they should work correctly, as you would expect it. Since
they don't work correctly - it is a bug.

> And I completely agree with your point that if this really itches him
> that much,

Again, it is not about me not liking something, whatever you mean to
make people think about it by your unfair comments.

> than maybe he should think about learning tcltk and finding a
> solution. Or maybe learn C and see how d.zoom does it to see if this can
> be applied to gis.m...

If I had time I would have done this. What did you think?

I haven't criticized Michael or you as a person. Actually I haven't
said a single "personal" word. I criticized a defect in the software.
And I don't appreciate that you are trying to reduce the discussion to
the level of my person, insulting me with innuendos.

> I absolutely think that gis.m is ready for production. And I agree that
> we should discontinue d.m after 6.2.

... if the bug in gis.m is fixed.

> We could maybe somewhere in the doc include a hint that if one wants
> really precise region settings than this has to be done with g.region
> and not with zooming.

... keeping in mind this is not a fix.

We can't deny a bug, only because nobody (yes, including me) is able to
fix it.

Kind Regards,

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