[GRASS-dev] tcl Map Display gui updates

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 4 04:23:11 EDT 2007


I have just done some cosmetic updates to the Tcl/Tk GUI Map Display

Measurement tool now auto-formats. The output is like:
  "5.939 km" instead of "5939.234567"     (map units = meters)
  "5.939 miles" instead of "34567.000000" (map units = [US surv] feet)
  "45.123 minutes" instead of "0.75205"   (map units = degrees)
etc. I don't think people will parsing the measure tool's output, so it
changes units on the fly.

Map Display status bar (bottom of window) is a bit more readable.
I've only enforced number of sig digits for mouse-over updates, not
while in zoom, pan, measure mode. I wanted to make sure there were no
objections before spending the time to do those.

please test.


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