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Jachym Cepicky jachym.cepicky at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 15:41:00 EDT 2007


I think, they are really nice.


Michael Barton píše v Ne 15. 04. 2007 v 12:25 -0700:
> Someone (sorry, but I forgot who) suggested the silk icon set at
> famfamfam.com would be worth looking at for wxgrass.
> I took a look at these, and also wrote their creator about the
> possibility of working with us to design GIS-specific icons (haven’t
> heard back yet). 
> Many are nice, though all are small (16x16). I tried using these in
> the wxgrass toolbars to see how they looked. I had to modify a couple
> (and would need to modify more to really use these). So that others
> could take a look, I uploaded the results to the svn. There is an icon
> directory with the icons I used, and silk versions of wxgui.py and
> toolbars.py. You’ll need to add the icons directory and contents
> to /wx, and rename wxgui_silk.py to wxgui.py and toolbars_silk.py to
> toolbars.py. 
> My impression is that the stock silk set are OK, but not a significant
> improvement over what we’ve got. Also, they are kind of small (at
> least for my eyes) and we’d still need some additional custom icons
> beyond the large set provided in the silk set. But it does offer a
> different look and might inspire an artistic reader of this list to
> design some new ones for us.
> Michael
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