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maximilian maldacker mmaldacker at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 04:18:31 EDT 2007

Hello everyone, my name is Maximilian Maldacker and I'm currently a student
in Imperial College London studying Mathematics and Computer Science. My
project on "Shortest path in free (vector) space avoiding obstacles module
in GRASS" was select by Google Summer of Code and I'm looking forward to it
:-). I actually start on the 28th of May but I thought I'd introduce my self
before and get involved with the community.

I have a few question concerning the development of the module. I see
modules are organized in several folders and I thought I can create a new
folder in the display folder named d.path_obstacles or something similar. Is
it sufficient to create a new folder with a Makefile inside and a few *.c
files to make a new module and will it be recognized by the command line?
The plan for now is to develop a module similar to the d.path one except it
will start with a vector space containing obstacles ( i.e. polygons ) and it
will construct a visibility graph out of it and compute the shortest path
between two given points. Should the visibility graph construction algorithm
be added to the Directed Graph Library?
What is the best way to test my code? Should I keep a fresh copy of GRASS on
my computer, modify/create files, compile everything and test it using the
spearfish example? Or is there another way?

Thank you for your help and I'm looking forward to help develop GRASS.
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