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Wolf Bergenheim wolf+grass at bergenheim.net
Fri Apr 20 06:39:38 EDT 2007

On 20.04.2007 13:07, Paul Kelly wrote:
> Hello Markus/Wolf
> On Wed, 18 Apr 2007, Markus Neteler wrote:
> [...]
>>> On a side note; Markus (Frank, you may answer too ;)), what do you think
>>> would be better: to have the SoC students commit through our regular CVS
>>> (or svn if we have switched by 28.5) or as a GRASS extension?
>> Concerning the main repository:
>> We definitely won't switch to SVN quickly since it seems to be a slooooow
>> process (sigh).
>> Probably a GRASS SVN Addon would be best for now. We can easily
>> migrate it into the main trunk then. All changes necessary in the libs
>> can
>> go directly into CVS of course so that the Addon stuff is compilable all
>> the time.
>>> In other
>>> words do you think this should be an extension module or a core module?
>>> I think it will be easier for the students to commit to the core, and
>>> that way I think they will feel more like part of the GRASS team.
>>> Thoughts?
>> For a module, the best breeding site might be the Addons SVN (however,
>> with your vector/v.label.sa/ we do differently).
>> Time to work out some rules for this. So I cc'ed to the dev list for
>> further discussion.
> I guess in this case some place is needed for the students and mentors
> to work on code together. A place where its totally fine to put little
> experimental things and break things on purpose and make many changes
> per day. From that point of view I think a special repository separate
> from the main GRASS one is required.
> I feel the main GRASS repository should only be used for code that has a
> reasonable chance of working, that you are ready to share with other
> GRASS developers for testing. I don't think every small incremental
> devlopment you make in your own tests should be committed, in particular
> because it adds a lot of noise to the CVS commit mailing list and makes
> it harder to track real changes. I feel we as developers should, *in
> general* do a little bit of testing on our own and then commit something
> that we think is reasonably likely to work. Of course there are lots of
> exceptions to this. However in the case of summer of code students they
> need somewhere to share work with the mentor and other interested
> developers without the pressure of having to use the main CVS. Of course
> important changes could be committed to the main CVS at regular
> intervals, like Markus said (with regard to necessary changes to
> libraries etc.) but day to day development should occur somewhere else

Google does provide space in code.google.com, so I guess we could use
that, I suppose, but the idea is that the community should also try the
students' code, during the summer, not only the mentor. But I can live
with having a grass_soc repository on code.google .com ,and then from
there I can commit say weekly working versions of the code to the main
GRASS CVS repository. Would that be OK with you people?



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