[GRASS-dev] Re: SoC 2007

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Fri Apr 20 08:14:59 EDT 2007

Wolf Bergenheim wrote on 04/20/2007 01:29 PM:
> On 20.04.2007 13:56, Paul Kelly wrote:
>> Hello Wolf
>> On Fri, 20 Apr 2007, Wolf Bergenheim wrote:
>>> Google does provide space in code.google.com, so I guess we could use
>>> that, I suppose, but the idea is that the community should also try the
>>> students' code, during the summer, not only the mentor. But I can live
>>> with having a grass_soc repository on code.google .com ,and then from
>>> there I can commit say weekly working versions of the code to the main
>>> GRASS CVS repository. Would that be OK with you people?
>> I don't see any reason why the students can't have CVS access so they
>> can commit directly? When they think the code is ready for testing.
> Neither do I. Perhaps Markus has some points? And I'm sure that the
> student's can determine when the code is working and when it is not.

So far we have been pretty conservative granting CVS write access since
we have no
means to restrict the access (unless we move to SVN). We usually see
what/how a person
contributes, then grant access.
There is the GRASS Addons SVN which might be also of interest.

In general, we should find a viable solution which makes testing easy.
Helena suggested
to re-establish a contrib section as it was in GRASS 4.x.
Overall, after full SVN migration these things should be pretty easy to

>> But I expect it will be further into the summer before there is something
>> ready to commit and thus a place to collaborate over the initial
>> prototype is necessary.
> That is true... and daily commits is something I think is mandatory for
> the collaboration in SoC, just to be able to track the student progress.
> So in that light I think that perhaps the code.google.com repository
> might be the place. Another option I assume could be the addons svn, but
> I'm not sure if people will like that either since it has also some
> email commit log thing...
What is the problem with the email commit log? It's sent to this list:
Who wants can subscribe.

>> Can other devlopers access the google repository too - I'm thinking of
>> perhaps discussions on the mailing list when we want to point out
>> something specific in the code.
> I think that read access can be given to the whole world. So yeah
> anybody should be able to get any code from there. I also think that
> they give a web-access just like in sourceforge.
We should take care to not spread the code too much around. Otherwise
connections will get
lost or at least tedious. Currently we have GRASS-CVS for the "real"
code and
GRASS-Addons SVN as breeding site. Isn't that enough? The GRASS-Addons
SVN is
publicly readable, with password-controlled write access, web interface
and own
commit mailing list.


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