[GRASS-dev] numeric-numpy-scipy for graphs?

wolle wollez at gmx.net
Sun Apr 22 04:25:27 EDT 2007


have a look at matplotlib http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/ . It 
depends on numeric.


Michael Barton wrote:
> We need to create a graph/plot for at least 2 functions in the wxgrass 
> GUI—profile plotting and histogramming. I did the TclTk profile module 
> with just standard graphic calls. However, wxPython has a very nice plot 
> control:PyPlot. It has lots of nice options, including ways to save the 
> plot easily.
> BUT, it requires numeric or numarray — which have been superceded by 
> numpy or scipy. These are as available the main python package and 
> provide a rich scientific computing library for Python and wxPython. It 
> looks like these are available for all platforms either as binary or 
> source files. However, it would be another dependency.
> So what do you think? Should I install numpy (or scipy) and try the 
> PyPlot or just create these modules with simple graphics?
> Michael
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