[GRASS-dev] another idea for font setting

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Tue Apr 24 01:23:20 EDT 2007

How about a GRASS_FONTPATH variable set in init.sh (or an environmental
variable if that¹s better). It could work like some of the other such path

Check to see if it¹s already set (e.g., in .grassrc6 or .profile). If it¹s
not already set, try some default settings: /Library/Fonts for Darwin
systems, a Œnormal¹ linux font place, a Œnormal¹ windows font place.

A font setting dialog could get this path from the variable and insert it
into a font path browse control. For many people, they would not need to do
anything but pick from the list of fonts in that directory. But the control
would still allow a user to browse for another locality if their fonts were
in a different place. This gives some degree of convenience for the many
people who have fonts in a standard location for their platform and provides
2 ways to deal with those who don¹t‹in a configuration file (for GRASS or
shell) or by browsing to the font location.

Trying to find a way to make this a bit easier for many, while dealing with
the considerable variability across systems.

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