[GRASS-dev] Re: [GRASSGUI] another idea for font setting

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Tue Apr 24 11:03:15 EDT 2007

As I just proposed, the idea of having a font path variable would be a
convenience function to get a user in the general vicinity of fonts at
least--or in exactly the right place if he/she knows where they want to

I agree about the potential for confusion. But this would reduce (though I
agree not eliminiate) it over the situation we have now.


On 4/24/07 7:18 AM, "William Kyngesburye" <woklist at kyngchaos.com> wrote:

> This should be able to handle subfolders.  While the system folders
> are normally flat, when 3rd-party font activation tools are used,
> it's common to organize extra fonts into subfolders.
> On the down side of letting the user specify font folders external to
> the system folders, there can be multiple versions of a font, though
> only one may be active at a time.  It could get confusing choosing a
> font.

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