[GRASS-dev] r.le.setup fails to build

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Thu Apr 26 08:42:25 EDT 2007

William Baker wrote on 04/26/2007 04:03 AM:
> Thanks to Markus for adding #include <grass/site.h>, which may allow
> r.le.setup to compile, but probably won't fix how r.le.setup works.
> This section of the code allows sampling units to be centered over
> what used to be "sites". That still is useful. I think all that needs
> to be figured out is what the new function is that does each of the
> former sites functions (e.g., how do we ask for a vector-point file
> name instead of using G_ask_sites_old(), how do we open it and how do
> we get the data.
> I'm not much help as I still have no time to study the programmer's
> manual to figure out the new functions and how they work. If I can get
> time this summer, I will try to do that. Sorry! Maybe the rest of r.le
> works, if it compiles, and that might be good enough for now.
> Bill Baker, Univ. of Wyoming (originally worked on r.le)

please have a look at
which explains how to migrate sites code to GRASS 6 using the legacy
library. It's fairly easy in general.


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