[GRASS-dev] r.le.setup fails to build

William Baker BakerWL at uwyo.edu
Wed Apr 25 22:03:24 EDT 2007

Thanks to Markus for adding #include <grass/site.h>, which may allow r.le.setup to compile, but probably won't fix how r.le.setup works. This section of the code allows sampling units to be centered over what used to be "sites". That still is useful. I think all that needs to be figured out is what the new function is that does each of the former sites functions (e.g., how do we ask for a vector-point file name instead of using G_ask_sites_old(), how do we open it and how do we get the data. 

I'm not much help as I still have no time to study the programmer's manual to figure out the new functions and how they work. If I can get time this summer, I will try to do that. Sorry! Maybe the rest of r.le works, if it compiles, and that might be good enough for now.

Bill Baker, Univ. of Wyoming (originally worked on r.le)
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