[GRASS-dev] figureing out fonts - part 3 correction

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 29 22:41:56 EDT 2007

Michael Barton wrote:
> Further testing and looks like d.text DOES respect GRASS_FONT settings
> This leaves only d.label

d.labels is only a conduit. It works using the font given in labels file
and is not subject to local override. Choose the font you want at the
v.label step.

I guess we could change it to look the other way on that if the labels
file is using the default, "font: standard".

currently do_labels.c has:

#define STANDARD_FONT "romans"
if (sscanf (text, "%*s %s", font) != 1
	||  !strcmp (font, "standard"))
    strcpy (font, STANDARD_FONT);

we could change that hardcoded "romans", but it needs to be done
explicitly as other previous labels may have changed the font to
something specific already. (different labels in the same file can
use different fonts)  How to do *string = {G|R}_get_current_font();
rather than just trusting the current state?

FWIW, ps.map defaults to Helvetica for the standard font.


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