[GRASS-dev] figureing out fonts - part 3 correction

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Mon Apr 30 00:23:59 EDT 2007

How does this work with d.barscale or d.text.

If a font isn't specified and GRASS_FONT is NOT set, it defaults to Romans.

If a font isn't specified and GRASS_FONT IS set, it defaults to GRASS_FONT.

If a font IS set, this overrides the other two.

Also, I forgot to reiterate that d.rast.nums only does Romans and does not
respond to GRASS_FONT.

Finally, helvetica is a very nice font for this stuff. How can ps.map
default to helvetica, however? Is it likely to be present on all systems?
What happens if it's missing?


On 4/29/07 7:41 PM, "Hamish" <hamish_nospam at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Michael Barton wrote:
>> Further testing and looks like d.text DOES respect GRASS_FONT settings
>> This leaves only d.label
> d.labels is only a conduit. It works using the font given in labels file
> and is not subject to local override. Choose the font you want at the
> v.label step.
> I guess we could change it to look the other way on that if the labels
> file is using the default, "font: standard".
> currently do_labels.c has:
> #define STANDARD_FONT "romans"
> ...
> if (sscanf (text, "%*s %s", font) != 1
> ||  !strcmp (font, "standard"))
>     strcpy (font, STANDARD_FONT);
> we could change that hardcoded "romans", but it needs to be done
> explicitly as other previous labels may have changed the font to
> something specific already. (different labels in the same file can
> use different fonts)  How to do *string = {G|R}_get_current_font();
> rather than just trusting the current state?
> FWIW, ps.map defaults to Helvetica for the standard font.
> Hamish

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