[GRASS-dev] question about potential enhancements to dbms

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Sat Dec 1 12:42:25 EST 2007


I've been trying out your updates to the dbms module and fixing  
little odds and end. This is a fantastic tool. The ability to  
highlight vector features is really nice. I had a couple ideas for  
enhancements but wanted to run them by you before doing anything,  
since I don't want to mess up any plans you already have.

1) What about adding a "display selection" button? Currently, you  
need to double click a record for it to highlight (AFAICT). This is  
easy for a single record, but trickier for multiple selections. A  
"display selection" button would make this easier. It could also make  
it easy to display the results of an SQL selection.

2) How about an "extract to new vector" button? This would take the  
current selection and run v.extract to create a new vector based on  
your sql or interactive selection.

Finally, I have a question (actually a group of questions). I can  
easily edit the first record in the browse list control, but can't  
edit any other ones. Is this a setting? A bug? Is a button needed to  
turn on editing? Could it be with double clicks if we have a display  
selection button?

Also, there is a bug in an editable list control that I've reported  
and I'm wondering if you have it with Linux too. I can edit any field  
that is showing completely in the window, without scrolling to the  
right. If you have to scroll right to the field, and double click to  
edit it, it will edit some field to the left instead of the field you  
intended to edit. It shows up for me in the wxPython demo as well as  
in the dbms table.

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