[GRASS-dev] new screenshots of wxPython GUI

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 3 02:11:05 EST 2007

Michael wrote:
> I just posted a series of new screenshots for the new wxPython GUI to 
> <http://www.public.asu.edu/~cmbarton/files/grass_screenshots/wxGUI_screenshots_2007-12-1.zip>

thanks, they all look nice. Not much time this week to work on them, but
it will be nice to show off the new functionality.

some comments-

Location creation wizard-

The graphic on the left makes the window way too wide. Perhaps replace it
with the one Radim used for the QGIS wizard or something created from
Paul Anderson's Map projection gallery:
  http://www.galleryofmapprojections.com/ or ditch it all together.

I'll send you a URL to a PDF Book I made from the PDFs in Paul's website
off-list. (my bandwidth sucks to much to post it publicly; script to
generate it yourself is available to all upon request [or search for it
on the proj mailing list])

comments by picture number:
1. -> "Project Location Name".   ["(proj/coord system)" is confusing]
2. text:
- "set coord sys manually"
- "select coord sys by EPSG code
- last two: s/Create/Use/
3. For the screenshot maybe scroll down past all the "Unknown"s to
something common/interesting? 4-7. nice
8. where's the "yes" button?
9. allow different east-west and north-south res. (maybe keep just the
one as default but offer both in a rotating triangle +- widget ??)

wxgui.png: zoom to rast map region bounds; skip cat number in legend
startup: "delete location" option seems very dangerous..
profile gui: very nice!

> You might find a few worth putting in your new, nice screenshot pages.



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