[GRASS-dev] new screenshots of wxPython GUI

Martin Landa landa.martin at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 03:03:27 EST 2007

Hi Hamish,

2007/12/3, Hamish <hamish_nospam at yahoo.com>:

> Location creation wizard-
> The graphic on the left makes the window way too wide. Perhaps replace it
> with the one Radim used for the QGIS wizard or something created from
> Paul Anderson's Map projection gallery:
>   http://www.galleryofmapprojections.com/ or ditch it all together.
> I'll send you a URL to a PDF Book I made from the PDFs in Paul's website
> off-list. (my bandwidth sucks to much to post it publicly; script to
> generate it yourself is available to all upon request [or search for it
> on the proj mailing list])
> comments by picture number:
> 1. -> "Project Location Name".   ["(proj/coord system)" is confusing]
> 2. text:
> - "set coord sys manually"
> - "select coord sys by EPSG code
> - last two: s/Create/Use/
> 3. For the screenshot maybe scroll down past all the "Unknown"s to
> something common/interesting? 4-7. nice
> 8. where's the "yes" button?
> 9. allow different east-west and north-south res. (maybe keep just the
> one as default but offer both in a rotating triangle +- widget ??)

Thanks for the feedback, the location wizard needs a lot of fixes, it
is in my TODO.


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