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Summary: About the documentation of r.resamp.rst 
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Initial Comment:
The short description of r.resamp.rst could be more clear by adding up the word "optionally"... :

Reinterpolates and "optionally" computes topographic analysis from input raster map to a new raster map (possibly with different resolution) using regularized spline with tension and smoothing.

Is it wrong to make it clear, for the new unexperienced user, that elevation (or topographic or z-values) data is needed to carry out the topographic analysis?

So the Description part of the documentation could be adjusted... so it is clear that topographic parameters can be only derived from some kind of topographic maps as an input...  :

Optionally, and simultaneously with interpolation, if the input raster map is (or provides or ... some sort of) elevation data, the topographic parameters slope, aspect, profile curvature (measured in the direction of steepest slope), tangential curvature (measured in the direction of a tangent to contour line) and/or mean curvature are computed and saved as raster maps as specified by the options slope, aspect, pcurv, tcurv, mcurv respectively.


my apologies if am not correct.


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