[GRASS-dev] GRASS CVS to SVN migration: repository structure

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 13 01:53:29 EST 2007

> IOW, we need both 6.x and 7.x development branches (one of which would
> be the trunk), in addition to any release branches. We don't need a
> 6.4 release branch yet.

> > We will need some strong discipline to put all new development into
> > 7.x/HEAD and backport interesting things to 6.x/HEAD; not the other
> > way around.
> Backporting from 7.x to 6.x is likely to be somewhere between hard and
> impossible, hence the need to maintain a 6.x-devel branch for the
> medium term.

If there is an open 6.x dev branch I am worried about duplication of
effort for things like new modules options, help pages, and the ongoing
SQL/vector hardening. ie things which are back-portable (probably by
hand), not major features which rely on the libs & data format to be a
certain way.

Which branch would "power user/developer" people use for their day to day
stuff while 7.x undergoes radical changes? (...self answering question...)

I guess avoiding fork incompatibilities matters most for the wxGUI
efforts which will be focused on getting that ready for 6.4. A solution
might be to only work on that in the 6.x dev branch until the 6.4 release
branch is created. At that moment non-bug fixing GUI devel would be
stopped in the 6.x line and the wxGUI is ported in its entirety to the
7.x dev branch (ie trunk).

that doesn't give much GUI-wise to play with for 7.x devel, but I
suppose it would be possible to throw together a simple & disposable
prototype GUI until the wxGUI moves into 7.x land, and initial 7.x devels
will be command line oriented people anyway.


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