[GRASS-dev] Question about SVN access via Trac

Hamish B hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 11 16:33:52 EST 2007

Michael wrote:
> The Trac page is nice. It's easy to quickly access the source code
> and bug tracker, and the view changes feature is especially helpful.
> One thing that seems missing is the ability to download a tarball of
> all or part of the source code. This was particularly handy to give
> non-developers easy access to code in GRASS addons.

> >> A number of projects run cronjobs on download.osgeo.org to prepare
> >> night SVN snapshots.  Would this satisfy the need you see?  I can
> >> work with anyone interested in setting this up.

> > I think that a 'download tarball' button would be nice, as this
> > allows to download a tarball of just any directory you want.
> >
> > This seems to be implemented in Trac, but needs to be configured
> > via the 'downloadable_paths' variable.

> I reviewed this and it appears this just gives the one-file-at-a-time
> downloading option.  It does not appear to allow downloading
> directories and directory trees as a tarball.

One thing I have been very keen to keep from the grass CVS is a ViewCVS
interface (now known as ViewVC). This provides the directory level
tarball functionality Michael asks for (link at the bottom of each

The trac one is pretty nice:
But I still prefer ViewCVS:

there was an example here, but it seems to be no longer active:

other projects provide multiple browsing methods, e.g. for gpsd:

[with respect to gpsd, Frank might I suggest leaning on Eric to see if
they might like to join osgeo? I believe there was initial interest, it
would seem a nice project to have on board]

hmph: picking out a random GRASS file to look at the Trac SVN browser
shows that something is misaligned- the d.colors/curses.c file is
showing the SVN history for (apparently) the r.out.gdal help page.


> Beyond that it isn't such an issue.  But given that Trac does not
> seem to provide the desired service, I think we are back to preparing
> nightly tarballs.

with respect to naming the nightly/weekly SVN branch snapshots, I would
suggest (for solely consistency's sake) maintaining the current naming
scheme.   e.g.  grass-6.3.svn_src_snapshot_2007_12_08.tar.gz


ps- the spam filter on the old email address just wasn't keeping up,
and many folks mistook the real address for spamproofing, so I've taken
on a new one. yay fetchyahoo.pl

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