[GRASS-dev] test of v.area.thematic

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Sat Dec 29 14:20:49 EST 2007


Couldn't help myself and tried out the new v.area.thematic.

I very much like it, but there is something not working about the  
color assignments. I tried the following, using the new NC GRASS demo  
data set.

GRASS 6.3.svn (nc_spm_07):~ > d.area.thematic map=censusblk_swwake  
data=total_pop breaks='v.class map=censusblk_swwake column=total_pop  
algo=std nbcla=4' colors=0:0:255,0:0:100,100:0:0,255:0:0 layer=1  
bwidth=0 bcolor=yellow render=l

v.class shows the following

 From            To              Frequency

0.000000        20.208039       1136
20.208039       63.030745       779
63.030745       105.853451      270
105.853451      6173.000000     1136

But the map only shows 2 colors (blue and dark blue). Everything else  
I try only shows 2 colors, whether I use GRASS standard colors or RGB  

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