[GRASS-dev] C replacement for d.vect.thematic

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 31 18:52:13 EST 2007

> > Finally, is there any way to make use of color table capabilities,
> > like used with r.colors? This would allow a lot of nice displays
> > more easily than having to list colors.

> This would be great. I have also been thinking about a way to
> integrate the ColorBrewer palettes. Don't know their exact licensing,
> but I think uDig has integrated them, so should be possible. This
> could then lead to a g.colorbrewer which allows you to chose a
> palette according to different criteria and then output it for
> d.thematic or other modules.

see r.cpt2grass on the wiki addons page.

* r.cpt2grass is a GRASS script for importing a GMT .cpt color table
into GRASS. It can save to a text file suitable for r.colors or
automatically apply the color table to a raster map.
For a large collection of GMT .cpt files see

download: http://hamish.bowman.googlepages.com/grass_color_maps 

I don't know about ColorBrewer, will have to look into that. But you
just have to parse into the "r.colors color=rules << ..." format.

> I think it would also be great to have a GUI colorchooser module, but
> I think this will have to be a GUI element as IIUC g.parser does not
> allow for color buttons to change according to the color you chose
> and thus you cannot see all the colors you chose side by side (one of
> the most annoying things in QGIS IMHO).

How would that differ from the current TclTk G_parser() RGB color
picker tool? Filled preview square of the appropriate color in the
module's GUI window?


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