[GRASS-dev] default vector point symbol

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Tue May 1 02:45:22 EDT 2007

Michael Barton wrote:
> what do you all think about making a circle the default point icon
> rather than an X?

"o" is bad for centroids as a circle over a series small island makes
all of them look round. (circle is bigger than island)

"x" marks the spot.

we could make the "x" smaller (say size=3), but that's not a good size
for other icons.

for points I usually run my d.stations script as a shortcut to typing a
long d.vect line. (wiki addons)

In addition I have a "d.mark x y" script to put a marker on the xmon at
a given x,y, which is pretty handy, much easier than v.in.ascii+d.vect.
 (just added to addons)
  d.mark 65,30
  d.mark -m 595968,4918693

I repeat my plea to separate the GUI vector plotting controls into tabs,
4 different tools (pt, line, area, mixed vectors/advanced [current]), or
however. maybe have an "advanced" sub menu for all 3 primary feature

To a new user the vector controls in GIS.m look like a 747 cockpit,
they are overwhelmed with obscure features they'll never use.

If you had three+ GUI vector control panels, points could default to
tiny circles and centroids could default to x's *independently*.


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