[GRASS-dev] Access of remote Mysql database ?

peter.loewe at gmx.de peter.loewe at gmx.de
Wed May 2 07:22:04 EDT 2007

Dear Markus, Dear Stephan,
thank you for your input.
Here is the correct sequence needed to hook up a remote mysql database, optional commands as comments with a hash 

db.connect driver=mysql database="host=dbserver.foo.org,dbname=my_database"

db.login user=joshua pass=swordfish

# db.tables -p 
# db.connect -p 

v.db.connect -o map=my_map table=my_mysql_table layer=2  key=baz
# v.db.select -c map=my_map_neu layer=1 column=cat 
v.db.select -c map=my_map layer=2 column=baz

It would be great if this info would end up in the official documentation.


Dr. Peter Löwe


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