[GRASS-dev] font path question for Linux and Windows

William Kyngesburye woklist at kyngchaos.com
Wed May 2 11:55:06 EDT 2007

On May 2, 2007, at 10:01 AM, Michael Barton wrote:
>> What about fc-list :scalable?  Does that leave out the PCF fonts?  It
>> does get the resource fonts for me.
> AFAICT, :outline, :outlined, and :scalable all produce the same  
> list of
> fonts. It would help (me at least) if there was some guide to fc- 
> list syntax
> and options. The help is zen-like in its minimalism. Looking at the  
> man page
> for fontconfigure isn't much help either.
You're right.  A closer look and they do appear to be the same for me  
also.  The problem seems to be that I saw that Arial was missing and  
I didn't pay much attention to the rest.  But Arial is missing on  
both methods, though the other Arials are present - narrow, rounded,  
black.  Strange.  I must have a bum Arial font, it does have an older  
date than the rest...

> So, if you DO know the font face index, how do you specify it in  
> That's easy enough to implement.
> One option is to pick an arbitrary character to separate the index
> from the filename. If the path ends with that character followed by a
> number, the number is the index.
> I've updated the driver, although I can't actually test it with
> multi-font files.

What char did you use Glynn?  vert bar?

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