[GRASS-dev] ps.map: raster always under vector map?

Glynn Clements glynn at gclements.plus.com
Sun May 6 05:53:49 EDT 2007

Hamish wrote:

> > Alternatively, masking could be enabled only if the raster isn't the
> > bottom-most layer (it used to always be drawn first, but presumably
> > that has been changed).
> AFAICT raster is still always drawn first.

In which case, there wouldn't be any point in having masked rasters.

I'm presuming that Markus tried this in conjunction with your previous

> easy modification (in C) for a one-off job--
> in ps/ps.map/ps_map.c move this down a few lines, ie after both calls to
> do_vectors():
>     /* do the raster stuff, if any */
>     if (PS.do_raster || grp.do_group) PS_raster_plot();

Obviously, that's no good for general use. AFAICT, the only real
solution would be to render things in the order in which they appear
in the input file.

But that would probably a rather significant change to the structure
of ps.map. I'm not sure that the effort would be worthwhile; it would
be better (IMHO) to work on getting better PostScript output from d.*

FWIW, what are the main advantages of ps.map over using the PS driver
and d.* commands?

Glynn Clements <glynn at gclements.plus.com>

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