[GRASS-dev] [grass-code I][396] Line width in v.digit

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Thu May 10 06:49:25 EDT 2007


> code I item #396, was opened at 09/05/2007 14:18
> In the Setting panel of v.digit the 'Line width' option seems inactive
> (and the lines in the monitor have a default width greater -and
> unpleasant- than in the previous version of v.digit).

(just cc'd my msg; see the bug report for more)

I'm pretty sure you always had to hit Refresh in the old version.
(just tested with 6.2.1, yes, you need to refresh)

I have just fixed it in 6.3 so that the line width changes as
you adjust the spinbox. (it redraws when you change it)

I am glad to see the width reduced -- note that it needed to
be changed in global.h as well.

The "x" icon is still a bit thick. 
(cleaning complicated vectors is often like picking needles out of
haystacks so any extra clutter is to be avoided, and why invalid
features are drawn on top of/after valid green ones)

n.b. the smallest D_line_width is 0, not 1. width=1 still looks
a little lumpy. (experiment with d.vect)

I tried to fix this, by changing SpinBox -range in settings.tcl
to {0 50 1}  ({min max stepsize}) and this in driver.c:

void driver_line_width(int w)
-    width = w ? w : 1;
+    width = w >= 0 ? w : 1;

but no luck. Is the Tcl canvas destined to be not-as-nice as
the xmon displays? (ugly stagger effect seen on thin diagonal lines)

If the tcl width has a minimum size of 1, while the xdriver had a min
size of 0, maybe this is why the line appears to be 1 size bigger than
it did before.


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