[GRASS-dev] [Fwd: wald.intevation.org: downtime and new IP]

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Fri May 11 17:14:42 EDT 2007


I have received an information about the planned maintenance of GForge
site, where GRASS has it's bugs and wishes trackers. Please read below.
GRASS trackers are subject to points 1 and 2.

Dear Users and Project Administrators of wald.intevation.org,

due to changes in our infrastructure wald.intevation.org will be
transfered onto new hardware at another location, this will even
include a change of the IP of the system.

This will affect every projects hosted on wald.intevation.org in the
following ways:

1. The whole GForge system will be down next monday (2007/05/14) for
   art least one hour.  During this time all services including
   web-space, scm, trackers and mailing-lists will be unavailable.

2. After the translation of the system the IP address will have
   changed, therefor the service will still be unavailable to some
   users until all DNS are synchronized with our DNS to provide the
   correct IP.

3. All projects, who are using the vhosts feature of
   wald.intevation.org should check there DNS records:
   The recommended way of using this service is to use a CNAME record
   for the project domain, pointing to PROJECT.wald.intevation.org in
   case you are using a A record, please change this, as the IP will

The positive effect for the wald.intevation.org user community is,
that the new server will be faster and have a better (higher
bandwidth) internet connection, so better performance especially for
SCM services can be expected!

and sorry for the inconvenience,

Sascha Wilde
(administrator for wald.internet.org)

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