[GRASS-dev] module synopsis: was Re: [GRASSGUI] wxgrass gui status

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Mon May 14 11:30:27 EDT 2007

(I take liberty to make more sense of the email subject)

On Mon, May 14, 2007 at 04:05:44PM +1200, Hamish wrote:
> Paul Kelly wrote:
> > I think I agree, in so far as it would be nice to have the command 
> > description stuff separated out in a separate file (rather than
> > hard-coded into the GUI) to allow e.g. documentation, lists of useful
> > commands to be  generated automatically from it.
> ..
> > having the correspondence between the menus and the commands in a
> > separate file might also make it easier to document this, with a bit
> > of scripting.
> see tools/build_html_index.sh
> and tools/module_synopsis.sh
> module_synopsis.txt reworked in LyX -> PDF
>   http://grass.ibiblio.org/gdp/grassmanuals/grass63_module_list.pdf
>   (in CVS) web/gdp/grassmanuals/ 

Should I make this a cronjob?


PS: The GRASS ProgMan is now (finally) a cronjob (saturday):

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