[GRASS-dev] standard input options messed up in current CVS

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Mon May 14 23:38:47 EDT 2007

Benjamin wrote:
> >> I just did a fresh rebuild from CVS an hour ago and noticed that
> >> standard option declarations (G_OPT_V_FIELD, G_OPT_R_OUTPUT,
> >> G_OPT_V_MAP) are no longer working. Options declared this way get
> >> totally messed up. Have a look at v.out.ogr for an an example.

> > I bet that you need to run 
> >  make distclean
> > before recompiling.

> Sorry, no luck. Did a distclean and recompiled. Same problem.
> Do you have it, too?

Looks ok for me using yesterday's CVS. What do the broken bits look
like? Are they taking descriptions etc from another std option?

I did add a new standard option the other day (for fs=), but added it to
the end of the STD_OPT list. I thought doing that would only cause
distclean problems if I had added it to the middle of the list, i.e.
reordering the index.


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