[GRASS-dev] new tests on wxgui

Carlos "Guâno" Grohmann carlos.grohmann at gmail.com
Tue May 15 11:34:12 EDT 2007

> You can't *see* the computational region per se. *BUT* you can set a display
> region to the size you want and then set the extents of the computational
> region to match what you see. For this, showing the extents in the status
> bar should be the most useful information (which is what we have now). Note,
> that the display does not affect the resolution of the computational region.
> The resolution must be set from g.region.

I know that. the thing is that the region adjusted according to the
display doesn't have exact boundaries, as one defined by g.region. (i
mean the coordinates values  will not be round, and so the resolution
also won't be) And sometimes (maybe moste of the times) I want to run
my analysis on region with exact boundaries. That's why I found very
handy to be able to use g.region window and see how things are going
in the display at the same time.
I am doing some analysis with morphometric parameters and different
resolutions, so it is very nice to just hit a button and change the
resolution, for instance, and still having that command window there,
so I can change it again later, and see the results. Of course that
_I_ do most of that using the command line, but we must also think
about the new users, much coming from the click-click world of


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