[GRASS-dev] new tests on wxgui

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Tue May 15 13:48:51 EDT 2007

On 5/15/07 8:34 AM, "Carlos "Guâno" Grohmann" <carlos.grohmann at gmail.com>

>> You can't *see* the computational region per se. *BUT* you can set a display
>> region to the size you want and then set the extents of the computational
>> region to match what you see. For this, showing the extents in the status
>> bar should be the most useful information (which is what we have now). Note,
>> that the display does not affect the resolution of the computational region.
>> The resolution must be set from g.region.
> I know that. the thing is that the region adjusted according to the
> display doesn't have exact boundaries, as one defined by g.region. (i
> mean the coordinates values  will not be round, and so the resolution
> also won't be) And sometimes (maybe moste of the times) I want to run
> my analysis on region with exact boundaries. That's why I found very
> handy to be able to use g.region window and see how things are going
> in the display at the same time.


I don't quite understand you. What is the g.region window? There isn't one
in the GUI. But you *can* set the region in g.region and then have the
display match the g.region extents.

> I am doing some analysis with morphometric parameters and different
> resolutions, so it is very nice to just hit a button and change the
> resolution, for instance, and still having that command window there,
> so I can change it again later, and see the results. Of course that
> _I_ do most of that using the command line, but we must also think
> about the new users, much coming from the click-click world of
> windows.

I'm not quite sure what you are referring to. Are you talking about the xmon
display and d.zoom?


> Carlos

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