[GRASS-dev] new tests on wxgui

Carlos "Guâno" Grohmann carlos.grohmann at gmail.com
Tue May 15 14:35:36 EDT 2007

> I don't quite understand you. What is the g.region window? There isn't one
> in the GUI. But you *can* set the region in g.region and then have the
> display match the g.region extents.

When I said "g.region window" I was saying "g.region dialog window",
the one you got when you click on Config->region->change region

> I'm not quite sure what you are referring to. Are you talking about the xmon
> display and d.zoom?
> Michael

I am talking about adjusting the region settings in a more interactive
way. If I set the region from the extents of the display, usually I
get non-round values for limits and resolution (like n=7346298,3217
instead of n=7346298). So I want to adjust these values. What I said
is that _ I _ usually do that in command line, but thinking about
users coming from other softwares, that may be a little "scared" of
the terminal window, these guys may prefer to use the GUI to do that.

So let's imagine something likethis, working only with the GUI: I am
working, and set region according to the display, but the values are
not round so I want to adjust them. I open the dialog of g.region,
write the limits I want, hit OK/Apply, close the window, and redraw
the map with the zoom according to the region I just set up. Oh! Damm!
I made a mistake, the north boundary should be a little bit north..
Let's go agian, open the dialog etc etc..

So what I said was that if I didn't have to close the g.region dialog
to redraw the map, it would save some time if I had to change
anything, as I often do.


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