[GRASS-dev] writing msys capable grass63 startup script

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Sun May 20 09:20:33 EDT 2007


After make install under MinGW, the /bin/grass63 script contains:


This does not work when you try to launch GRASS from the msys command line
(not via the grass63.bat native win GRASS startup):

$ ./grass63
./grass63: /c/grass/bin/c:/grass/grass-6.3.cvs/etc/Init.sh: No such file
or dictory

The setting should be:


But this needs to be conditionalised in the Makefile to only do this under
MinGW. So:

1) Can we assume that this would work for any shell (other than msys)
someone might use ?

2) How can we conditionalise in the Makefile ?


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