[GRASS-dev] Re: writing msys capable grass63 startup script

Paul Kelly paul-grass at stjohnspoint.co.uk
Sun May 20 18:33:46 EDT 2007

On Mon, 21 May 2007, Moritz Lennert wrote:

>> In saying all that I've find the command-line WinGRASS you get by running
>> "grass63.bat -text" (i.e. using cmd.exe instead of sh.exe as the shell)
>> really quite usable so far.
> Yes, but this doesn't allow you to execute any scripts, whereas msys does.
> But yes, whether they actually work is another question...

It works for me. What error messages are you getting or what's the problem 
exactly? Actually though you need to make sure you have the Msys bin and 
MinGW bin and lib directories in your PATH, maybe that's it? That's 
something else I've glossed over and should have mentioned, sorry. Need to 
look into that further (Msys documentation perhaps???): I'd originally 
hoped that if you started the Msys shell it would insert its needed 
directories into the PATH automatically, but that doesn't seem to happen 
and I never got round to extending the .bat script-launching system to do 
any path manipulation because, to do that elegantly we need to look at 
documentation for other Windows ports of bourne shell interpreters and see 
how they handle being launched in this way, specifically path-related 


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