[GRASS-dev] GRASS 6.2.2RC1 released

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Tue May 29 19:26:07 EDT 2007

Dear all,

a first release candidate of the new 6.2.2 has been published today:
 grass-6.2.2RC1.tar.gz (12M)

It will be on the mirrors within 1-2 days.

Numerous issues have been resolved:
    *  System and Libraries:
          o DBMI/SQL parser: added missing TIME support
          o DBF Driver: add missing SQL TIME support
          o sqlite driver: 'date' support
          o DBMI/SQL parser: added missing TIME support
          o QGIS-GRASS DB bug: fixed https://svn.qgis.org/trac/ticket/448
          o geodetic datum:enable geodetic datum for Krovak, Slovakia
            datum (hermannskogel) fixed

    * Graphical User Interface:
          o gis.m: Backport various GIS.m GUI enhancements. Clickable
            GUI buttons; More robust error handling; Main window
            cosmetics; Fix lwidth bug; Typos
          o GUI menu: remove non-functional font setting entries
          o GUI startup: backport Michael's new EPSG code search tool

    * Modules/Scripts:
          o d.labels: backport rotation fixes
          o d.vect: display also nodes in topo mode
          o d.vect.thematic: remove Bashisms
          o v.clean tool=snap: doubled vertices in the output
          o g.mremove: work also in gis.m
          o lib/gis: backport false easting/northing test
          o ps.map: Fix landscape mode. Fix map scaling when map
            projection is not measured in meters
          o r.contour: fix segfault
          o r.distance: null distance for area in area
          o r.flow: 3d length fix; 64bit segfault fix
          o r.in.bin: honour -s flag for 2-byte and 4-byte data
          o r.pro Allow data from stdin; die if coordinate request
            outsite current region settings, was reporting bogus data
          o r.proj bilinear: Fix interpolation expression
          o r.reclass.area: don't leave clump file behind, label support
          o v.build.polylines: fails to build a polyline out of a
            closed boundary, vertices are doubled at each node
          o r.tileset: Fix break due to platform specific units
            parsing; Requires Bash
          o scripts/: various fixes backported, remove all bashisms
            from Bourne scripts
          o Slovakia Hermannskogel datum fixed again
          o v.build.polylines: two bugs: #4247 #4249
          o v.dissolve: dissolve common boundaries by attribute
          o v.in.ascii: skip blank lines,
          o v.in.gpsbabel: attribute import fixed for tracks and routes
          o v.in.region: add additional vertex if necessary to ensure
            line segments don't exceed 180 degrees longitude
          o v.lidar.*: various fixes backported
          o v.report: backported fixes for RT bug #4459 and
            [grass-code I][#301]
          o v.segment: Make side_offset functional
          o v.to.db: fix compactness formula parentheses to match
            actual formula
          o v.type: Wrap it so it works from the GUI menus
          o v.what: fix for multiple input coords

A draft announcement is found here:

The related Wiki page which also list the contributors is here:

Please test this release candidate as much as possible.
Thanks to all contributors and testers.


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