[GRASS-PSC] Re: [GRASS-dev] GRASS 7 Migration from CVS to SVN

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Tue Oct 2 12:55:40 EDT 2007

Hamish wrote:

> For my 2c, I like:


> * .... bug tracker .... what was wrong with the old one again?

1. spam.

2. Because of the spam, anonymous reporting had to be
disabled. Only registered users could edit/post new tickets
to RT via the web form/email from then on.

3. None of the GRASS devs was able to create new accounts or
do any other admin tasks in RT. I don't remember details why
(in theory Markus was one the RT admins, but I recall he
complained "something did not work").

3. RT is not extendible. In GForge one can customize the
trackers pretty much. In RT there were only few hardcoded
fields. In GForge trackers, there can be any (?) number of
fields in each tracker, of 7 different types.

4. Filtering tickets in GForge is more powerful than in RT.

5. In GForge one can turn on/off monitoring of particular
tickets, trackers with one click. In RT one had to add or
remove his email address manually in the given ticket. There
was no way to monitor the whole tracker in RT ('quee' in RT

>  The two really annoying things with Gforge bug tracker to me is the
>  top posting of comments

Although I share your feelings, that's a matter of
preference IMHO.

> and that you can't cc it in posts to the
>  grass-dev mailing list, you have to use the web form, duplicating
>  effort and killing casual contributions.

That's already known and reported to GForge Intevation
maintainers [1]. Also please note the same problem applied
to RT in the last days of it's life after a spam attack.

There was a suggestion from Intevation this particular
problem could be overcome for GForge. It was suggested the
mail reply could be experimentaly enabled for GRASS, see [2]
(the last post, ie. the first on the top ;)).

The oustanding issue hampering the info flow is the
inability to CC from the GForge tracker (ie. using the web
form). I think this is the only real point where RT beats
GForge trackers (assuming the email reply issue could really
be fixed, as suggested in [2]).

Both issues are also mentioned here [3]. Note there were 2
other serious issues affecting GForge trackers usability and
info flow for GRASS, and they've already been fixed by
Sascha Wilde of Intevation (Thanks!).



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