[GRASS-dev] another make problem (OSX, but could be a general problem)

William Kyngesburye woklist at kyngchaos.com
Tue Oct 2 14:34:35 EDT 2007

On Oct 2, 2007, at 12:30 PM, Glynn Clements wrote:

> William Kyngesburye wrote:
>>> A couple of questions:
>>> 1. Is this with a MacOSX App build? If so, do you get the same
>>> behaviour with a non-App build?
>> Actually, yes.  Before I fixed a small problem where the macosx dir
>> didn't build, it was happening.
> Is that "yes" to the first or to the second, or both?
> If this only happens with the App build, then it's (mainly) up to you
> to solve. I can't test an App build, and it appears to be modifying
> some of the *.make files.
> For now, I'm only interested in issues which occur when using the
> stock build system (i.e. no --enable-macosx-app).
yes, without OSX app build - all that is really is just another  
subdir to make, so the libraries and modules are all stock GRASS.

>>> 2. Does it help if you change the following in Rules.make from:
>>> $(OBJDIR)/%.o : %.c $(LOCAL_HEADERS) | $(OBJDIR)
>>> 		-o $(OBJDIR)/$*.o -c $*.c
>>> to:
>>> $(OBJDIR)/%.o : %.c $(LOCAL_HEADERS)
>>> 	$(MKDIR) $(OBJDIR)
>>> 		-o $(OBJDIR)/$*.o -c $*.c
>>> ?
>> Much better.
> Is the "make" program GNU make? Does it come via Apple? Can you try
> building GNU make from the stock source package and using that?
> Prerequisites listed to the right of "|" are "order-only"; if
> necessary, they will be built before the target, but they won't cause
> the target to be re-compiled.
> If you're using something other than GNU make (which includes modified
> versions if the modifications make a difference), then I can't really
> help. I would rather not unconditionally run mkdir for every object
> file if it's an issue with one particular make program.
OSX Tiger/GCC 4 uses GNU Make 3.80.  It doesn't look like Apple  
modified it (like they have for other stuff).

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