[GRASS-dev] bug in v.surf.bspline?

Roberto Antolin roberto at geomatica.como.polimi.it
Thu Oct 11 04:56:19 EDT 2007

Hi Michael and all,

Michael Barton escribió:
> However, if I try to specify a vector column as the basis for interpolation,
> it will go through fine, but the result is a flat map. That is, it seems not
> to correctly recognize a column specified for interpolation. I set layer=1,
> but don't see what else I should do. Any suggestions?

Is it completely flat? I mean, did you try to take a look to the raster 
values? Time ago, border errors (due to the interpolation) made 
visualization a bit odd because, in borders, v.surf.bspline try to 
interpolate to zero. So depending on the values you want to interpolate 
it will seem that the whole raster has the same value but really it 
hasn't. I thought this error was fixed already, though. Which version 
are you using?

I don't know whether is this or not, so let me know and I'll proceed 
with the bugfixing -in case there exits any bug ;)-. In the meanwhile 
I'll try to find the dataset I used in my tests and I'll check too.


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