[GRASS-dev] gis.m symbol error in cvs

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Sun Oct 14 13:50:42 EDT 2007

I fixed this and committed it to the CVS.

As I suspected, it was in the subroutine to add vector symbols to the GRASS
selection control (line 187-204). The incorrect "[symbol]@[symbol
directory]" was hard coded into line 199--possibly for an earlier version of
selecting symbols. This did not show up before, because of bugs in the rest
of the code. I replaced this with "[symbol directory]/[symbol]" as we
currently use it.


On 10/13/07 2:03 PM, "twiens" <twiens at interbaun.com> wrote:

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>> I just ran into this too. I'm not sure whether it's only a
>> product of my changes of some weeks back to make multiple
>> selections functional (there was quite a bit of broken
>> code that I fixed) or a combination of that and some other
>> changes elsewhere in GRASS. I thought I'd tested all
>> aspects of select.tcl, including symbol selection, but
>> maybe I missed this part.
>> There is a special procedure for symbols that was inserted
>> into select.tcl awhile back (>1yr). Some of this may be
>> what broke multi-selection code, but I can't be sure of
>> that. Now that multi-selection functionality is working
>> again, I'll look to see what is causing this problem with
>> symbol selection. It looks relatively simple to fix--but
>> looks can sometimes be deceiving.
> If you look at Maris's response she / he provided a patch
> that repairs the problem. I had tried it at home and the
> patch works. I don't have cvs access so I can't post it.
> T
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> Trevor Wiens
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