[GRASS-dev] Cairo monitor driver

Lars Ahlzen lars at ahlzen.com
Mon Oct 15 16:58:04 EDT 2007

Brad Douglas wrote:
>>> I can of course post code too, if anyone would be interested in actually 
>>> trying it.
>> The code would certainly be useful.
> +1

The source is up! Sorry about the delay.

I do realize that this is not the ideal format. A patch against the 
current 6.3 CVS tree would probably have been better, but apparently CVS 
doesn't let you add files even to your local copy without write access 
to the repository... oh well..

Anyhow, the code along with brief build and usage instructions are 
available at:


The makefiles are a bit of a hack and need to be fixed. Hopefully 
they'll work, though. And the code in general is, as previously 
mentioned, experimental. But it can always be cleaned up if it seems 

Feel free to try it out, and let me know if (when?) you run into 
problems building or using it, or if you have any other feedback!

I don't know what the policy is for posting experimental code like this 
to the patch tracker, so given its current state I opted for not doing 
this. Let me know if I should.

/ Lars

Lars Ahlzen
lars at ahlzen.com

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